Gary the Great – Magician & Mentalist

Gary the Great

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Gary the great is the kind of magician and mentalist who’s as comfortable headlining for multi-billion dollar companies (Burberry, Morgan Stanley, Ralph Lauren) as he is performing for a casual rooftop party.  As a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Gary has served as a magic consultant for national television commercials and New York theater companies. 

His performance style is very interactive and casual, with an emphasis on comedy. His goal is to make sure that your guests are not only blown away by his magic, but also have a great time in the process. By doing close-up magic for small groups of people. His strolling repertoire includes work with everyday objects (money, silverware, jewelry, playing cards, ice cubes), and mentalism.

Expect exactly what you’re looking for! Gary reads events like he reads minds, and will adapt his routine to fit the style of your party.  Whether you want classic or zany, Gary will deliver with enthusiasm.  He wakes up every morning craving to go to work, which makes him (officially) the luckiest man in the world. He absolutely loves what he does and it shows in every performance.

What people are saying:

Our clients were still talking about Gary’s performance late into the night. Especially the newspaper prediction!” 
~Sandra, Avolon Aerospace banquet at Bouley Test Kitchen
Gary performed a parlor show for 25 adults at our annual holiday party and every single guest LOVED him. He has a warm and genuine personality and is naturally funny. His magic is astounding and his personality lights up the room – what more could you ask for?!  Book him without reservation!” 
 ~Michele, Holiday Party, UES

That made my month…and I’ve been having a pretty good month. The cards and the envelope was mind-blowing. I am pretty much convinced that was real magic.” 

~Matt, Engagement Party at
Toshi’s Penthouse

You were as incredible as I expected. People who are very hard to entertain were very entertained by your show!  I’ll be using you for any events that I have in the future.  

~Jerry, wife’s surprise party

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